The victims of Las Tejerías continue to wait for the construction of new homes

The victims of Las Tejerías flash floods continue to wait for the construction of new homes


Five months after the Las Tejerías landslides and flash floods, in Aragua State, which devastated the homes, belongings and lives of at least 54 people, the town continues to await its “rebirth”, as the Chavista authorities have repeatedly announced.


To this end, a total of two million 610 thousand euros were approved by Nicolás Maduro on December 19th, 2022, for the reconstruction of this town located in the Santos Michelena Municipality hit by heavy rains.

In addition, according to Maduro’s statements, these funds would also be used to relocate some 674 “dignified and safe” homes for families affected by the rains.

However, to date those affected continue to await fulfillment of the promises offered by the Chavista authorities.

Such is the case of Flor Chávez, who lost her home located in the “Valles de Tejerías” sector and to date only rubble remains from the tragedy of that Saturday, October 8th, 2022.

That is why she requests a solution and response from the Minister of Housing and Habitat, Ildemaro Villarroel, who approved the construction of her new home on the second floor of her daughter’s house.

“Five months after nature took our home and we are still waiting for the solution approved by the Minister of Housing and Habitat. Don’t forget about us who lost everything in the landslide and are waiting for the construction of our homes,” is Ms. Chávez’s request.