Trending on TikTok: Zoomers Giving Up on Their Dreams Because of Chávez and Maduro

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Maduro & Co. receive the most elegant of bashings… on TikTok

By Caracas ChroniclesRaul Stolk

Nov 22, 2022

We’ve mentioned that Madurismo is killing it on TikTok in comparison with the Venezuelan opposition. But this doesn’t mean that they completely dominate the space or that they are bulletproof against organic trends. The latest is a killer one. One boring discussion that Venezuelans usually have on social media is who to blame. Boomers blame younger generations because they didn’t have the grit to charge against a dictatorship, Millennials blame Boomers for birthing Chavismo, and Generation X stands in the middle looking confused and melancholic – not knowing if they’re being blamed for one or the other.

But one generation that surely didn’t have a part to play in this whole thing is Generation Z – and young Millennials (one doesn’t know anymore where the line should be drawn). Most of them weren’t even born when Chávez was elected, and none of them had the age to vote before he died. It’s a generation that many folks – especially extinct Chavistas like Jorge Giordani – expected would have nothing to compare chavismo with. “The new man.” Born and raised in the revolution. Well, the new men and women seem to be pretty pissed.

We thought this TikTok trend was worthy of comment because, in just a few seconds, these posts summarize the place where the government has driven Venezuela better than most pieces of content we have seen lately. It would take us thousands of words to even kind of articulate this, and it wouldn’t be as convincing. Yep, it sucks. Welcome to the future.

Here are some examples:

“I’ll be a Lawyer and I’ll have one of the best Law Firms”

“When I’m older I’ll be a veterinarian and save thousands of animalitos”

“When I’m older I’m going to be the best sports journalist in my country”

“When I’m older I’m going to be a dentist and I’ll have my own clinic where my mommy will work with me”

You get the idea. Zoomers are pretty clear on who’s to blame for sabotaging their futures. Comments are open.

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