The school year ends and Chavismo did not even give a “little love” to the schools of Lara

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The current conditions of the educational institutions of Lara are not different from that of last September when the 2021-2022 school year began, as the education authorities have turned their backs on the needs of schools and high schools, which were left to the goodwill of God.

By La Patilla

Jul 6, 2022

Close to 80% of the public education institutions in the Lara region do not meet the minimum conditions to receive students.

The state of the schools in the Jiménez, Morán and Torres municipalities today are a reflection of the laziness on the part of the Chavista regime in this state.

Destroyed roofs, leaks in walls, sewage collapses and failures in the drinking water service, are part of the deficiencies that the schools in this region suffer.

The personnel who work in schools and high schools, after the resumption of face-to-face school activities and after two years of the ongoing pandemic, through self-management, were in charge of moderately solving part of these needs. However, there were many problems that escaped their hands.

No sports spaces

Professor Yajaira Colina, Deputy Director of the Carora I Bolivarian School, in this same city in the Torres Municipality, told La Patilla that despite the fact that this school has three sports fields, the more than 300 students must attend sports classes in the central courtyard of the institution due to the terrible conditions caused by the lack of clean and clear fields.

The courts of this school, located in the Francisco Torres de Carora urbanization, are completely covered by the brush, and its abandoned spaces are the perfect setting for residents of the area to cast off garbage and generate other types of problems.

The teacher mentioned that throughout this school year they could not use these three courts, so they made several requests to the Municipal Directorate of Education, but did not receive any response.

In this regard, she pointed out that they have been able to save the school year thanks to the collaboration of non-profit institutions, which have collaborated with part of the maintenance, especially painting and donation of cleaning supplies.

Similarly, she stressed that the recovery of the courts became a more complex issue, since to carry out their clean up they must necessarily use heavy machinery.

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