Mafias in Táchira sell fetuses for beauty products factory (Video)

Photo: Cathal McNaughton


Mafias of doctors who are dedicated to performing abortions in Táchira would be selling fetuses to manufacturers of beauty products, according to Monsignor Mario Moronta, Bishop of the Diocese of San Cristóbal.

By La PatillaLuz Dary Depablos 

Jun 30, 2022

The alert was made by Bishop Moronta during his homily on June 26th at the Cathedral of San Cristóbal, with reference to the “10th World Meeting of Families” which took place recently in the Vatican.

He said that mafias of doctors in Táchira, although the majority of doctors in the state bet for life, “sell fetuses and organic material to corporations, which then make medicines and those concoctions that women put on to look pretty, makeup.”

He also referred to what happened in the United States, where it was ruled that the Abortion Law is unconstitutional, “even the President of the United States, the great defender of democracy, is against life.”

“The new world order seeks to destroy the fundamental values… It is not that they want to impose them on us, it is that we are going to fight to defend these values,” he assured.

He said that the equal marriage that is proposed in a bill in the National Assembly of the regime, defines the family: “not from the father, from the mother, from life”, in addition to insisting that “marriage comes from maternity”, which cannot happen between people of the same sex, he said.

Therefore, he urged public and private institutions, the media and social networks to defend fundamental values such as the family so as not to lose what is considered in Venezuela “the basis of society.”

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